Person Centered counselling & eft

Change how you feel

Change how you think

Changing how you feel and how you think can be allow you to make real changes in your life. Our emotions and thoughts inextricably connected. By shifting both your emotions and thoughts, you can unlock new perspectives and possibilities.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs, blocked emotions, or unprocessed trauma, Counselling combined with EFT can help you do this.

Limiting beliefs

Sometimes we know that we are capable of so much more; in our career, in our relationships, in life – but those niggling self doubts can haunt us and hold us back. Counselling with EFT can help you identify these limiting beliefs, trace their source, and help you to challenge them, move forward, and enable you to really fulfill your potential.

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Blocked emotions

When ‘stuff’ happens in life, feelings of guilt, shame, anger, fear and grief can stop us from moving forward. Our logical brain can try and talk us out of it, but the emotions can just keep overwhelming us, consuming us, and we no longer feel in control. Carl Jung said ‘The which we repress persists’. EFT can help us explore what is going on, gives space to these emotions and through honoring them, set them free.

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Unprocessed trauma

When trauma is unprocessed, memories of the event continue to affect our everyday life. Any sight, sound, thought or feeling associated with the trauma triggers off the same automatic nervous system response, as if the event were still occurring. Whether your trauma was a significant life event or an incident which others present at the time hardly noticed, but had a big effect on you, EFT can gently and safely aid the processing of the memory, and your feelings around it, allowing you to move forward.

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Hello, my name is Anna

I am an NCPS registered person-centered counsellor and EFT practitioner.

I was a counsellor for several years before discovering EFT. Since first using the technique, I have been amazed how quickly and easily it helps my clients to get to the root of issues they bring, helps them to process difficult emotions and events, and make real changes to their lives.

I now offer a combination of counselling and EFT and am led by my client as to what they find helpful and works for them.

What is Person Centered Counselling?

In Person-Centered Counselling, we believe that the client holds the answers. As therapists we provide support and guidance to enable the client to explore who they are and why, promoting self-awareness and personal growth. Person- Centered Counselling gives clients the space to tell their story in a non-judgemental atmosphere, while being helped to process trauma, work through relationship issues, and gain a better understanding of self.

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) is a technique used by therapists to enable clients to process emotions, to dig deeper into how they are feeling, and to allow these feelings to pass.

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The technique involves focusing on an emotional issue while simultaneously tapping on certain parts of the head and upper body. This stimulates the energies which circulate the body and brain, allowing channels which have previously been blocked to become free and new neural pathways to reform. This is often known as a shift, and results in a reduction in intensity of emotion or a change of perception. This can allow clients to move forward with their life, letting go of long held emotions and beliefs.

Although the scientific world is still struggling to understand how EFT works, there is a growing body of scientific evidence from client based research that it can be highly effective.

All Sessions are online and last 50 minutes

I offer a safe and confidential therapeutic space where you can bring any issue you choose

I am relaxed and friendly and provide a non-judgemental atmosphere for you to explore whatever you are struggling with

The therapy is open ended so you can book as many or as few sessions as you need

Session Price £60

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