The Cost of Therapy

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With the rise in cost of living, therapy may seem like a luxury that you can’t afford. For many, it just isn’t possible to find that extra bit of money, and thankfully the NHS is now offering a range of therapies and workshops through their Talkworks scheme.

However, sometimes it isn’t offered fast enough, or the type of therapy offered isn’t the right sort, or it just doesn’t fit in with your schedule or what you need. It is then that I really urge people to explore counselling through a private practise.

People often think that for therapy to be effective you have to commit to years of it. This has been far from my experience.

I’ve seen clients come in and after as little as 3 sessions, leave feeling lighter, stronger and more in control. After 6 sessions I’ve seen people radically change how they feel about themselves and their lives. They have taken steps to improve their relationships and broken patterns they’ve been stuck in for years. Sometimes people stay longer and are happy to make that investment – to explore their stories, process their histories, and often challenge long held beliefs and change their lives – but they are in the minority. Most people come in with a problem, want it fixed and we do that as fast as we can. It’s not navel gazing. It’s finding a solution.

People wonder whether they can afford therapy, but sometimes it is a case of can they afford not to? What price your life? Your relationships? On ending suffering and feeling better? How much would you give to understand yourself more, communicate better, believe in yourself and feel free to achieve your goals? I know for many that it really is, just out of their reach, but for those who can, I can only say “you’re worth it.” If you can commit to just a few sessions, I doubt you’ll regret it.

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