EFT Client 1

What was your knowledge/expectations of EFT before the sessions started?

I have attended a couple of workshops about “Tapping” which were interesting but quite different to these focussed EFT sessions.

How was your experience of the sessions, and how did this differ to any other therapy you’ve had?

I found the experience quite intense and amazingly focussed. We accessed deep emotions very quickly and addressed them immediately.

Did you in any way achieve any of your goals during the sessions?

I think my goals could have been clearer or maybe the sessions took me where I needed to go before I had even realised it.

Did the sessions help you in any other ways?

The sessions gave me a framework which I can go to should I feel the need – Thank You

How would you describe EFT to a friend?

I believe EFT to be a powerful healing modality, especially when working one to one with a professional therapist who can lead you safely through the system of realising and releasing trauma.

Would you recommend EFT to a friend?

I would definitely recommend EFT to a friend, if they feel ready and want to work through any beliefs that they may not fully understand and that no longer serve them well.

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