EFT Client 2

What was your knowledge/expectations of EFT before the sessions started?

Before I started EFT I didn’t really have any expectations other than knowing it included tapping on parts of my body to help my emotions. 

How was your experience of the sessions, and how did this differ to any other therapy you’ve had?

My experience was of deep emotional change.  The sessions asked me to really recognise and feel my deeply buried emotions. As they were so deeply buried I found it hard to recognise them and feel them in my body. The therapy challenged me to really experience past painful emotions and accept them as part of my experience.  This has differed from CBT as this only seemed to deal with surface level emotions, I had person centred therapy which was more helpful than CBT but I believe it was part of the process of unearthing deeply held pain that EFT allowed me to fully explore and make sense of. 

Did you in any way achieve any of your goals during the sessions?

Yes, I feel a sense of release of my deeply held beliefs which is only one part of my journey.  I feel a more profound sense of change.

Did the sessions help you in any other ways?

It allowed me to breach my own boundaries to address my deeply held beliefs.  It made me stop and recognise what my feelings really are! It also gave me an additional coping mechanism for times of stress and anxiety.

How would you describe EFT to a friend?

It’s seems a bit out there with tapping parts of your body and speaking your feelings.  You need to be very open to allow it to connect your mind and body to accept what is within you. Once you do you it allows you a feeling of lifted burden of everything you have always carried with you.

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