EFT Client 3

What was your knowledge/expectations of EFT before the sessions started?

Before I started EFT with Anna, I had heard about tapping helping to regulate emotions.

How was your experience of the sessions, and how did this differ to any other therapy you’ve had?

The sessions with Anna were transformative. Anna guided me with real skill and compassion through some very deep seated emotionally charged core beliefs about myself. She helped me to release myself from these, in a way that I didn’t know existed. The beliefs and emotions came from times when I was at my lowest in life and Anna helped me to name the emotions and to finally shift them from my body and mind.

Did you in any way achieve any of your goals during the sessions?

Yes, I wanted to address my feelings around money, believing that I didn’t deserve to earn money and that I was ‘no good’ with money. Anna helped me to release these damaging thoughts by naming the emotions, tapping them through and then checking with me at how strongly I felt those emotions afterwards. I was amazed at how I just didn’t feel that way anymore. I now feel that of course I should be able to earn money, and that even if I make a mistake with money, that I can learn from my mistakes.

Did the sessions help you in any other ways?

Yes, Anna helped me to go to the root cause of a fear I had to face. She helped me to pinpoint when this fear started and where I felt the fear in my body, and then to release it. I managed to face my fear and felt so much better!

How would you describe EFT to a friend?

EFT is brilliant because in just a few short sessions you can really address some deep issues which may have bothered you or stopped you from being able to move forward confidently through life. If something isn’t changing, go to Anna and try the EFT. It worked for me.