Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during counselling?

During our sessions we explore any aspect of your life which you feel it would be useful for you to examine.  My role is not to offer solutions to problems, but to help you find your own.  We will talk about anything that you want to talk about.  If I ask you any questions which you do not feel comfortable answering, you don’t have to answer them. 

How long does counselling last?

How long your counselling will last is different for everyone, and depends on what you are hoping to achieve.  Perhaps you just need to off load, and will only come for a couple of sessions.  However, if you want to go a little deeper and increase your self-awareness and perhaps make some lasting changes to your life, it will take a little longer.

The counselling I offer is ‘open ended’ ie, there is no limit to the number of sessions you may have.  I will review how we are doing every 6 sessions, to check whether you are happy with how things are going, whether it is continuing to be useful, and if so, whether you’d like to do things differently.  You are also welcome to give feedback and make requests at any time.  If you decide to leave counselling, I recommend giving at least one week’s notice, so that we can arrange an ending which you will feel happy with.

How often does counselling happen?

Counselling sessions are weekly and each session lasts for 50 minutes in person or 60 minutes online. 

What if I need to cancel or miss a session?

If you need to miss or cancel a session, just give 24 hours notice and you will not be charged.  Less than 24 hours notice is charged at £10, and failure to arrive without notice is charged at full price. 


Everything that is said and written in my practice is kept confidential.  As part of my professional practise I have regular supervision, but I never reveal the identities of my clients.  The only times when confidentiality may have to be broken are

  • If I am concerned for your welfare, or that of another
  • If you reveal you are involved in terrorist activity I am legally required to inform authorities

I will not disclose to anyone that you are attending counselling, and should we meet in the street, I will not acknowledge you, unless you have specifically said it is OK to do this.

Ethical Standards & Insurance

I am an accredited registered member of the National Counselling Society, (www.nationalcounsellingsociety) and am covered by Professional Liability Insurance.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about me or the service I offer and feel unable to take this up with me, the NCS has complaints procedure which is outlined on their website.

Data Protection

I adhere to GDPR regulations and make every effort to keep your information safe.  I am also registered with the ICO.