Single Session Therapy

Single session therapy can be really helpful.

Sometimes people don’t have the time, money or energy to invest in counselling, but they’ve got something on their mind, a problem, a pattern or something they need to get off their chest.

Using the counselling room as a safe space to really explore what is going on for you, to honestly express how you feel, and perhaps to learn some tools, tips or techniques, can offer the difference between feeling able to cope, and not.

Times are tough right now, and when money is tight, single session therapy can be the perfect way to release the pressure valve.

During the session we will stay focused on the issue that you want to address, be more solution focused, and hopefully help you leave with some sense of resolve and release.

A single session is 90 minutes on zoom or face to face, and includes a free introductory call to check that is it suitable. All inclusive cost £60.

To find out more, contact me

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